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Just a complete mess

Him · April 8, 2019

When people leave us, we always ask God why did they leave me?

Normally we automatically assume that God was just saving us from that person. but what if God was actually saving that person from you?

Sometimes we tend to think the other person is solely the bad guy, but what if it's you? Yeah, it may hurt that they’re gone but we shouldn't just focus on that person and what they did, we should actually take a look in the mirror and see what toxic traits that we might have that caused them to leave. We should then take some time to ourselves and get rid of those toxic traits!

Just a thought…

Him · April 2, 2019

Change. Change can hurt sometimes, especially when the person you love changes.

Change. Change can put things into perspective. It can show you what needs to stay and what needs to go

Change. Change can be good sometimes. It can turn you into a better person, it can turn you into the person you always wanted to be. It can make you happier and more motivated. Sometimes a change of scenery can put a smile on your face. Sometimes a change of hobby can make your life purposeful.

Sometimes, change is just what we need..